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5 Tips for your Next Road Trip

There is no way that you can deny that the lure of road trips is undeniable! There is something amazing about traveling on land that is completely missed when traveling in the air. To be able to get the most of your next road trip, don't forget these tips:

1. Make sure your car is cleaned before as well as during the trip.
2. Have a mechanic completely check over your car before hitting the road.
3. Have a loose plan to avoid stress when things don't go exactly as planned!
4. Anticipate trouble spots such as places…
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A 'Drive Thru Car Wash' Versus Hand Washing Your Car

The 'Drive Thru Car Wash,' sometimes referred to as a 'Tunnel System,' may seem like a terrible thing to do to your car. The experience of sitting in your car as it moves through this tunnel with the sights and sounds and even feeling the vibrations of things hitting from all sides and above might seem like a 'Chamber of Horrors' for your car.

It is not.

The advances in materials and robotic machinery translates to this whipping of brushes and slapping of material to be doing exactly what you want; thoroughly cleaning your car without harming the finish or…
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An Oil Change Regularly Can Help Your Vehicle Run Better

Do you want your new vehicle to last as long as possible? If you are like many people, the answer is a resounding yes. We want to help you in this area as well, and that is why we are offering our oil change services and other maintenance services. Over the long term, this is something that a lot of people are excited about because of our quality work. Come on by to Bill Knight Ford of Stillwater to see what our team can offer in this area, and we will be able to take things to a new level…

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Commuting for you and Others Just got a Whole Lot More Affordable

Whether you are on a budget and looking for an affordable car to travel to and from work or your teenager has just got their license, the 2017 Ford Focus is one to consider! Starting at an incredibly affordable price, this car makes the perfect vehicle for first time car buyers, commuters who want something affordable, young drivers, or just about anyone! The 2017 Ford Focus offers an estimated 26 city miles per gallon and 38 highway miles per gallon! This fuel saving car seats five with plenty of room for luggage in the trunk!...

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The 2017 Ford Fusion: They Just Don't Get any Smarter Than This

They make a phone that's smart, but what about your car? Well, you've found it.

The 2017 Ford Focus is just that -- smart. It comes with Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection to prevent collisions. And if you can't stop in time, your car will with its automatic brake application feature. No matter where you are or what the road conditions are like, you can drive confidently knowing you are in good hands. It's also economical and produces fewer emissions so it's better on the environment.
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The 2017 Ford Escape is a Family Friendly Vehicle

The 2017 Ford Escape is a wonderful choice for those with families. There is seating for five inside and ample storage space in the rear, making this crossover perfect for anything from driving your children to soccer games or for vacation road trips. The price of the car is also family friendly, starting at just $23,750 for the base model. You can upgrade to the SE starting at $25,250 which includes features such as an upgrade to a turbo 1.5 liter engine, slightly better gas mileage, and other additional equipment.

When you are driving your family, their…
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